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Seniors Caregiving a Growing Concern for Albertans

(EDMONTON) As Alberta’s population ages, a growing proportion of the province will be faced with caregiving for their aging relatives and friends according to a recent poll by ThinkHQ Public Affairs Inc.   Today, almost one-in-five Albertans participate in providing care for an aging family member or friend, but roughly two-thirds are either caregivers today or believe it is a […]

Perspectives on Seniors’ Health Care in Alberta

(EDMONTON) The burdens of an aging population on the province’s health care system is an issue weighing heavily on the minds of Albertans today, according to a recent survey by ThinkHQ Public Affairs, Inc. Further, the survey finds that Albertans’ confidence in the health system in relation to seniors’ care is troublingly low, and that most provincial residents are relatively […]

Edmonton Centre a Close Two-way Race

Posted October 16th, 2015 in Edmonton, Federal Politics, News by Marc Henry

With Canada’s longest federal campaign coming to an end, the race in Edmonton Centre is too close to call.  Presently, Conservative James Cumming holds a narrow lead (33%) over Liberal Randy Boissonnault (30%) – statistically tied, taking into account the poll’s margin of error.  Gil McGowan of the NDP is running third at 22%, while David Parker of the Greens sits […]

Albertans’ Concerns and Expectations About Aging

(EDMONTON) When it comes to getting older, health and money are the biggest concerns for Albertans, and they are relatively pessimistic about their prospects for the future according to recent ThinkHQ Public Affairs Inc. poll.   On a top-of mind basis, staying healthy and health issues are Albertans’ primary concerns (28% mention), followed closely by issues related to financial security (27%), […]

Aging Population Changing Perceptions of Aging in Alberta

(EDMONTON) Canadians, Albertans, are living longer than ever before, and as a result are having profound impacts on society, the social safety net, the economy, and according to a recent ThinkHQ Public Affairs poll, perceptions of aging itself.   On average, Albertans today say that 71 is the age at which they begin to consider someone “old”. Ironically, fifty years […]

Albertans in Favour of Medical Practitioner Fee Regulation

Posted October 9th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary, Edmonton, Healthcare, Media Release, News by Marc Henry

Excerpts from our September 2015 edition of the Eye on Alberta reveal strong public support for regulation of medical practitioners like dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and registered massage therapists.   Dentists are most at risk, as 81% of Albertans feel it would be a good idea to regulate their fees: Almost 6-on-10 (58%) of Albertans think this would be a ‘very […]

Albertan’s Experiencing Job Anxiety Amidst Economic Climate

Posted October 9th, 2015 in Calgary, Economy, Edmonton, Employment, Media Release, News by Marc Henry

With mass corporate layoffs, a volatile market and future economic uncertainty, our September 2015 edition of the Eye on Alberta reveals that Albertans are experiencing a high degree of anxiety in terms of their personal employment situation.   Just over ½ (51%) of those in Alberta’s labour force are concerned about job loss or a cut in work hours, up […]