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Why Insight Communities?

A custom online research panel, or Insight Community, can help you understand how your stakeholders – customers, users, employees, partners, alumni, or nearly anyone else – feel about the issues, ideas, and initiatives that affect your organization and influence business decisions.
In contrast to traditional ad-hoc research approaches, an Insight Community allows you to better listen to and learn from your stakeholders through a series of thoughtfully designed engagements that take place over time, with every data point ever collected readily available for filtering and analysis.

An Insight Community is also a powerful tool for building relationships and will complement your existing communications strategy. In addition to sending eye-catching emails, you can engage members in two-way dialogue via a secure branded website where they can participate in discussion forums and quick polls, read newsletters, share questions and ideas, and connect on social media.


Cost-effective research

With ad-hoc research, you have one chance, at one point in time, to gain as much insight as possible. Costs accrue on a per-interview basis and each respondent’s answers become a series of static data points. Once the study is complete, you can neither follow-up with further questions nor introduce new lines of questioning without conducting additional interviews – and there is no guarantee that you will connect with the same individuals you previously spoke to.
With an Insight Community, the majority of the effort and investment goes into initial setup and member recruitment. Once your website is built and members are recruited, they are yours for an indefinite period of time to engage with whenever you need to. Conducting longitudinal research to follow the evolution of attitudes, values, opinions, and behaviours becomes easy, and surveys can be structured to ask the same people the same questions over time.

What we offer:

  • Research consultation
  • Community management
  • Incentive management
  • Community member support
  • Sparq community platform
  • Sparq Mobile integration
  • Custom-branded community portal
  • Unmatched data security