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Syndicated opinion research

The Eye on Alberta


The Eye on Alberta is the province’s only comprehensive public opinion monitor of business, politics and society.


Produced five times annually, it is a must for public affairs decision-makers.  It provides a timely, accurate, and independent reading of Albertans’ views on the most pressing and topical issues facing the province today and those that will face the province tomorrow.


Individual clients will use this information differently, but most find that The Eye on Alberta improves their ability to meet goals related to long-term strategic planning, communications strategy, lobbying efforts and simply understanding the bigger picture in Alberta.


Every edition of The Eye on Alberta includes insights from monthly surveys commissioned and designed by ThinkHQ Public Affairs.  We choose the topics and the questions, and provide insightful analysis and context for our clients and subscribers.  It’s information that every public affairs professional in Alberta should know.


Regular features include:



The retail value of the public opinion research contained in The Eye on Alberta is over $250,000 annually.  Excerpts from these regular opinion surveys are featured in the news through our media partnerships with CTV Alberta and Postmedia, but only ThinkHQ Public Affairs clients have access to the detailed results, insights and commentary.


View a sample edition of Eye on Alberta April 2015.

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