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Research partners


Our public affairs clients generally operate or have an interest in operating in Alberta, but many have business interests throughout Canada and the world.  It is important to us to understand the policy and political environments of our clients, no matter where they are.  We do this through a comprehensive scan of publically accessible opinion research, and through our partnerships for custom opinion research world-wide.



Government Relations Partners



Canadian Strategy Group (CSG) helps organizations navigate government in order to achieve their desired results. CSG’s team has decades of experience as cabinet ministers, senior staff in Ministerial offices, elected officials, labour representatives, and/or provincial, national, and corporate campaign organizers. A solid track record of developing and executing complex government relations programs for their clients, Canadian Strategy Group is western Canada’s preeminent government relations firm, with expertise across the prairies, British Columbia, Washington D.C. and Ottawa.



Research Partners



Alberta focus, global reach

Vision Critical® & Angus Reid Public Opinion– Founded by Dr. Angus Reid, Canada’s most respected pollster, Vision Critical® and Angus Reid Public Opinion are global pioneers in the development and application of online panel research, and recognized leaders in the monitoring of public affairs across the globe.


Our partnership provides ThinkHQ Public Affairs clients with access to the world’s best research panels, in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.



Cammorra Research is headquartered in New Zealand, servicing clients in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.  They are a trusted leader for providing innovative and timely research, panel development and maintenance, and advanced analytics.


Our partnership provides ThinkHQ Public Affairs clients with outstanding access to Asia-Pacific panels, along with the best “high-end” statistical analytics in the business.