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Traditional telephone research assumes that all members of a given population have an equal opportunity to participate – that is, that a sample is “random”.  Randomness is vital, as it ensures results are representative of a given population. Problem is; a random population drawn from landline dialing doesn’t exist anymore.

Roughly one-quarter of Canadians today no longer have a telephone landline, and those that don’t are very demographically different from those who do.  Within the next 5 years, the incidence of telephone landlines is expected to continue to drop, and this trend is even more pronounced in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Add to the mix the growing reliance on landline features like Caller ID, and unprecedented growth in telephone survey “refusal rates” and the generally accepted assumptions about the validity and reliability of traditional telephone survey research are outdated.

Custom online research panels, or Insight Communities, were developed to address this growing challenge.  Recognizing that it is now impossible to randomly sample from a population using telephone surveys, online research panels instead ensure representativeness by creating a microcosm of a population.

Creating a representative online community is neither simple nor inexpensive, but when done right, insight communities provide very accurate, timely and flexible insights.  This type of online research respects the time of participants, giving them the option to do the survey according to their schedule, utilizing PC, laptop or mobile devices.  In addition to the benefits of speed and accuracy, online research allows us to incorporate audio and visual materials that just aren’t possible using traditional telephone surveys.

We strongly encourage clients to utilize online communities for their custom research needs, and we are able to leverage client sample sources, provide worldwide access to sample from the best quality research panels, or a combination of the two as needed.  In instances where online panel research is impractical or impossible, we can provide clients with live-dial telephone survey services or mixed methodologies.

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