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Alison Redford’s Leadership: By the Numbers

Posted November 27th, 2013 in Alberta Politics, Calgary Herald, News by Marc Henry

Is 77% among party members a “strong vote of confidence” in a sitting Premier?   For Ed Stelmach in 2009 it wasn’t.  Five years ago, 77% was a message from the PC Party rank and file for Ed to pick up his game.  He didn’t.   Ultimately, embattled Ed faced a caucus revolt over budget deficits that triggered his resignation.  […]

The Politics of Northern Gateway

Posted August 1st, 2012 in News, Northern Gateway Pipeline by Marc Henry

Last week, Prime Minister Harper said a decision about the contentious Northern Gateway Pipeline would be determined by science, not politics.  Difficult to say if the PM’s statement was a directive or a desire, but at this stage, the more “politics” becomes involved with the project, the less likely it will be built. Northern Gateway Pipeline Politics: Today Today, the […]

A Post-Mortem of Alberta’s “Fear & Loathing” Election and a Lesson for Pollsters

Posted April 25th, 2012 in Alberta Election, News by Marc Henry

Monday April 23rd was the most exciting election Albertans have ever seen. Indeed, it marks one of the greatest political “comebacks” in Canadian history. And in 850 words we’ll cover what happened and why.   First, let me begin with a mea culpa.  The polling industry did a poor job calling this election – not a single firm, including ours, […]

Campaign 2012: This Might Get Loud

Posted April 16th, 2012 in Alberta Election, News by Marc Henry

Last month, on this very page, I said voters are restless and this provincial election will be one to watch; unlike most Alberta campaigns, this will be one that matters to the election outcome. But the dramatic change in the interim has startled even we who were expecting it.   If a writ had been dropped in January, the Tories […]

Early Days are Good Ones for Redford

Posted December 1st, 2011 in Alberta Politics, News by Marc Henry

They say the two most important times for any political leader are: the FIRST 100 days after an election (particularly for a new leader or government) and the LAST 100 days before Election Day.   The logic here is the strength of first and last impressions – these are the times when voters tend to form the most powerful opinions […]

Is there such a thing as an underdog in the lead?

Posted October 1st, 2011 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, News by Marc Henry

What’s more difficult? Being an underdog who must overcome steep odds to achieve an unlikely win or being the “odds-on” favorite who must fend off all challengers to try to hold on to a lead? That’s a question that Premier Alison Redford may be able to answer next spring.   Flashback just a few months ago and pity poor Alison […]