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Why online research?

Online research is a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with your stakeholders about the issues and ideas that inform business decisions. Compared to traditional research methods, online surveys offer significant advantages to both researchers and respondents:

  • Inexpensive: eliminate interviewing and data entry costs
  • Fast: surveys are rapidly deployed to large samples and responses are received electronically for real-time analysis
  • Accurate: respondents receive individualized survey links and enter their own responses
  • Selective: pre-screen to ensure you are reaching your target audience
  • Flexible: incorporate complex logic, rich formatting, and media to engage desktop and mobile respondents
  • Convenient: complete surveys when, where, and on whichever device (desktop/laptop, tablet, smartphone) is preferred
  • Engaging: surveys are visually appealing and can blend text with media (images, videos, file attachments, links)
  • Easy to use: pause and resume the survey as needed, and answer questions using intuitive responding tools
  • Private: Internet security and relative anonymity encourage more detailed, thoughtful, and honest responses

Online surveys are ideal for a wide range of subjects and research topics such as performance measurement and management, member and customer opinion, policy development and review, behaviour or attitude assessment, and message/idea testing. Participants can be recruited from a variety (or combination) of sources:

  • Member or client email lists
  • Customer database
  • Corporate website
  • Print communications
  • Targeted advertisements
  • Social media
  • Online research panels


What we offer:

Our solution puts your organization’s name and branding at the forefront of your research rather than making it an afterthought.