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“Sprawl Subsidy”: Facts & Fiction

  “All Calgarians currently subsidize development of new suburban communities by approximately $4,800 per home.  In 2012, this subsidy cost Calgarians approximately $33,000,000…That subsidy has led to nearly $1.5 Billion in debt to The City of Calgary.” – Naheed Nenshi   What?!  If that’s true homeowners should be storming the polls on Election Day to stop it. If it’s not […]

Aldermanic Candidates Shouldn’t be Beholden to Developers, Manning OR the Mayor

Posted August 28th, 2013 in Calgary, Calgary City Council, Municipal Election 2013, News by Marc Henry

Saw the oddest thing on Twitter the other night, and while I hope its not an omen of things to come for the municipal campaign, I suspect it may be.   The Mayor, his sister and a member of his office staff (on leave for the campaign) all pressed an aldermanic candidate from Ward 1 to give a “yes” or […]