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Albertans in Favour of Medical Practitioner Fee Regulation

Posted October 9th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary, Edmonton, Healthcare, Media Release, News by Marc Henry

Excerpts from our September 2015 edition of the Eye on Alberta reveal strong public support for regulation of medical practitioners like dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and registered massage therapists.


  • Dentists are most at risk, as 81% of Albertans feel it would be a good idea to regulate their fees: Almost 6-on-10 (58%) of Albertans think this would be a ‘very good idea’ while another 23% feel it would be a ‘fairly good idea’


  • Optometrists are a close second, with 78% of Albertans in favour of fee regulation, while chiropractors and registered massage therapists trail slightly in comparison at 73% and 69% respectively.


  • Support for fee regulation cuts across partisan lines, with strong majorities across the political spectrum measured by 2015 past provincial vote. Support for fee regulation is slightly higher among NDP and Liberal supporters.


To view the details of these September results and methodology, follow the link: Medical Fee Regulation Support September 2015 EOA