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Edmonton & Calgary Councils Enjoy Strong Approval

ThinkHQ/Metro News Poll


With Alberta’s next municipal elections now only a year and a half away, our early March ThinkHQ/Metro News Poll finds Edmonton and Calgary voters offering high levels of approval for their local city councils.


In Edmonton, Mayor Don Iveson enjoys enviable ratings, with nearly three-quarters (73%) of voters in the Capital city saying they approve of his performance since election in 2013, compared to only 20% who disapprove and 6% who are unsure.


  • Nearly six-in-ten (57%) Edmonton residents say they approve of City Council overall, while one-half (50%) approve of their local Councillor (27% are unable to rate their local representative on Council).


Although nominally less popular than his colleague, Calgary’s second-term Mayor Naheed Nenshi also posts impressive approval ratings this March. Fully 69% of Calgary voters say they approve of Nenshi (42% strongly), compared to 30% who disapprove and 2% who are unsure.


  • Nearly six-in-ten (58%) Calgarians say they approve of Calgary City Council as a whole, while 54% approve of their local member of Council (20% are unable to rate their local Councillor).


Click the link to view detailed findings and methodology: Metro Poll March 2016 Municipal Government


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