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Alberta’s Political Landscape – Is “Fortress Edmonton” Crumbling on the NDP?

Posted November 24th, 2017 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary, Edmonton, Media Release, MetroNews, News, Uncategorized by Marc Henry

ThinkHQ/Metro News Poll For many political observers, the fact that the provincial NDP are now trailing province-wide in voter intentions may not come as a surprise – the economy remains stubbornly sluggish and the UCP has coalesced right-of-centre voters under one party banner. However, our November ThinkHQ/Metro Provincial Politics survey reveals deeper problems for the governing party.   If an […]

Alberta’s Provincial Political Scene: Stability Masks Future Volatility

Posted November 30th, 2016 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary, Economy, Edmonton, Media Release, News by Marc Henry

Alberta’s provincial political “horserace” has shown remarkable stability over the past year, with only modest fluctuations in party support. Currently, the Wildrose lead province-wide with 35% of the decided vote, followed by the NDP at 31%, the PCs with 24%, and the Liberals and Alberta Party in single digits. The governing NDP continue to dominate in Edmonton, while Wildrose strength […]

Albertans in Favour of Medical Practitioner Fee Regulation

Posted October 9th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary, Edmonton, Healthcare, Media Release, News by Alex Zagoumenov

Excerpts from our September 2015 edition of the Eye on Alberta reveal strong public support for regulation of medical practitioners like dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and registered massage therapists.   Dentists are most at risk, as 81% of Albertans feel it would be a good idea to regulate their fees: Almost 6-on-10 (58%) of Albertans think this would be a ‘very […]

Albertans Restless and in the Mood for Change in the Dying Days of Campaign

Posted April 30th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, CTV, Media Release, News by Alex Zagoumenov

Wow, that was some debate hey?   Rachel Notley and the NDP are surging ahead in the closing days of the campaign.

With Early Campaign Polls, the “Why” is More Interesting Than the “What”

Posted April 9th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, CTV, Media Release, News by Alex Zagoumenov
Voice of Alberta

With any research project, in addition to measuring public “opinions” it is valuable to measure attitudes. These are deeper sentiments than just opinions about topics of the day. Attitudes, along with personal values, influence how people view and respond to issues, and form the motivations that drive behaviour.   The 2015 provincial election provides us with an interesting collection of […]

Pre-Campaign Polling Suggests Desire for Strong Opposition in Alberta

Posted April 8th, 2015 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, CTV, Media Release, News by Alex Zagoumenov

Well, the PC juggernaut of 2 months ago has hit some strong headwinds.

Prentice Holds Early Edge in PC Leadership Race

Posted June 2nd, 2014 in Alberta Election, Alberta Politics, Calgary Herald, Media Release, News, PC Leadership by Alex Zagoumenov

EMBARGO LIFTED: POST TO WEB RELEASE Good morning all,   As valued clients and Eye on Alberta subscribers, we’re pleased to provide you with this “sneak peak” at material being released through PostMedia this morning related to the provincial PC leadership election.  These are excerpts from our May Edition of the Eye on Alberta report.   Please note: These materials […]

A Post-Mortem of Alberta’s “Fear & Loathing” Election and a Lesson for Pollsters

Posted April 25th, 2012 in Alberta Election, News by Alex Zagoumenov

Monday April 23rd was the most exciting election Albertans have ever seen. Indeed, it marks one of the greatest political “comebacks” in Canadian history. And in 850 words we’ll cover what happened and why.   First, let me begin with a mea culpa.  The polling industry did a poor job calling this election – not a single firm, including ours, […]